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Thanks to these members already signed up to work the snack shack:
Ann Hulsebus, Barbara Hallock, Barbara Kronquest, Bebe Haut, Bev Barnett, BJ Jones, Camilla Bastian, Carla Conyers, Carla Holtzclaw, Carol Jenkins, Cassi Bassolino, Cathy Sulinski, Chris Stevens, Christina Fahlstrom, Dottie Slettedahl, Edna Markham, Eileen Grider, Eileen Mullins, Janet Jacobsen, Janet Trimble, Janice Lambert, Jeanne Duggan, Joan Denzler, Joyce Farnham, Joyce Hopkinson, Joyce Lewis, Judy Morrill, Karen Mennick, Kathleen Bills, Kathy Bolen, Kay Knowlden, Lauren Dummer, Lee Hicks, Lois Laird, Lynn Marshall, Lynne Sullivan, Margie Turner, Mary Heaton, Mary Maguire, Mary Michalak, Mary Rosseau, Mona Stolz, Pat Picchi, Pat Wilkinson, Phyllis Sorenson, Rachel Johnson, Rochelle Calderone, Sara Hearity, Sarah Lewis, Sarah O'Reilly, Sharon Cowles, Sonda Sandstedt, Sonja Lane, Susan Tozer, Suzanne Estes, Suzanne Miller, Terry Roberts, Toni Boyer, Trina Laird, Trish Miller, 
 snack shack schedule - calendar format
Click on an event title to view details View List Format With Work Roles
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
8 - 12:30 Wkr1 Chris Stevens

8 - 12:30 Wkr2 Janice Lambert

O/C1 Margie Turner

O/C2 Judy Morrill

9 - 1:30 Wkr1 Mary Maguire

9 - 1:30 Wkr2 Joyce Lewis

9 - 1:30 Wkr1 Phyllis Sorenson

9 - 1:30 Wkr2 Dottie Slettedahl

9 - 1:30 Wkr1 Cassi Bassolino

9 - 1:30 Wkr2 Pat Picchi

8 - 12:30 Wkr1 Judy Morrill

8 - 12:30 Wkr2 Edna Markham

O/C1 Judy Morrill

Dates and times are subject to change. Please arrive early.

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