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02/23/21 Tee Assignments

02/23/21 Front Tees Results

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3 Reminders.........
1) When playing Hole 3 on Tuesday sweeps, DO NOT USE the temporary green combo tees. All ladies using green or gold tees should use the current rated tee box that has been then for years. On other days, feel free to try out temporary tee box and when posting, use pars + pops for Hole 3. 2) The 9 month Eclectic tournament starts next week, March 2nd! Please sign up on our 9er board in the library at the Sports Lounge and put your $6 check made out to LOP Lady Niners in our Lady Niner box in the Pro Shop; 3) Also starting next week, March 2nd, our shotgun start on Tuesdays at 9:30 AM!!!! Set your alarms! Questions? Contact Toni Boyer for Eclectic, Terri Rooney, Tournament Chair/Handicapper, or Mona Stolz, Captain.

Sand on greens?-what to do
Hello Ladies,

LOP maintenance has begun sanding sections of several greens. Pat Shaw, the LOP Pro, has determined to treat the sanded areas as Ground Under Repair also known as an Abnormal Course Condition. If you ball lands in one of these sanded areas on a green, you may lift the ball and place it, without penalty, at the nearest point of relief (no closer to the hole) that is not in a penalty area. If complete relief is impossible, place where affords the maximum available relief, no closer to hole. Click on link below to see more details and picture. If you have any questions, please reach out to Terri Rooney for additional clarification.

2021 Team Play
Hello ladies, Attached is information about this year's Team Play. It's starting soon, so if interested, or just curious, read the attached pdf. Sign-up sheet is on our Lady 9er board in the library at the Sports Lounge. Questions? Contact Cathy Sulinski, Team Play Captain

2/9/21 General Meeting Video
Hello ladies, If you care to watch all or part of the 59 minute recording of 2/9 General Meeting, please click on link below. If you need a passcode, it is: 7jm=?g.N The video is available to watch until 2/28. Thanks, Mona

GENERAL MTG Tues, 2/9: Instructions for ZOOM
Hello ladies. Tomorrow is our General Meeting at 8:30 AM followed by shotgun sweeps at 10:00 AM. We will try and keep the meeting as short as possible, but we have a lot to go over, so I would suggest being dressed for golf so you will be able to leave right after to get to your starting hole. Below should be the ZOOM LINK to join the meeting and another link to get to the AGENDA which is a pdf document. If needed: Meeting ID: 868 0678 9972 Passcode: 297572 Hope to see you all at the meeting! Thanks, Mona

Proposed Budget for approval
Hello ladies, Click on link below to see/print pdf of Overview of Proposed 2021 Budget for Lady Niners Club. This budget proposal will be presented at tomorrow's general meeting for approval. If you have any questions, please reach out to Janet Jacobsen, our Treasurer. Thank you.

Correctiom Pat Wilkinsons' husband Jim had multiple TIAs. She does not need meals but Jim has a sweet tooth and would love cookies.


lopgolf.com training
Hello ladies, Most of you know there is currently a website to make online tee times at LOP. It's called lopgolf.com and was developed by Steve Kompolt. We do not use it for Tuesday sweeps, but it is available for other times you play. I recently heard that LOP is going to have a more comprehensive online tee time system coming in June so lopgolf.com may only be around for a few more months. However, if you are interested in learning more about lopgolf.com, Steve Kompolt has scheduled a zoom meeting on Wednesday, 2/10 at 10:00 AM. In this email, is the link to join the meeting. On Wednesday, you will have to locate this email and click on the link.


2021 Eclectic Tournament--starts in MARCH
2021 Eclectic Tournament starts on March 2! Cost is $6 and all money is paid out at our annual In/Out awards meeting in January. If you are like most of us, you may have a bad score on several holes each week, OK scores on several holes and you have ONE hole that you did great on---If so, this is the tournament for you!! Please open attached pdf file for more details and contact Toni Boyer if you have any questions.

Pat Wilkinsons' husband Jim is in the hospital. He has had multiple strokes. It would be nice if you called Pat to see if she needs anything, maybe some cooked meals. A card would be nice too. Of course I will send her one.

Update....Jim Wilkinson is home now. He just came home. Please keep him and Pat in your prayers.

Tomorrow sweeps cancelled
Hello ladies, Unfortunately, the weather is not cooperating this week, and our regular Tuesday golf/sweeps is cancelled for this week. See you next week!

LOP Super Bowl Scramble golf tournament
Hello ladies, Attached is a flyer for LOP Super Bowl Scramble golf tournament on Saturday, 2/6. Questions and Sign up with Pro Shop if interested.

Scorecards--Signatures required
Ladies, Although Golf Genius is now scoring the Tuesday Sweeps game, we all still need to sign our scorecards that are turned in to the tournament helpers or placed in the tournament box.

Signing your scorecard says you have verified each hole score is correct and the person signing as "attest", is saying they agree with the turned in scorecard.

Starting in February, scorecards that do not have two signatures: "scorer" and "attest" may not be eligible for Sweep winnings. Terri and tournament helpers will do all that they can to remind everyone as they turn in their scorecards, but it is part of the Sweeps validation process that each turned in scorecard is signed by the scorer and attested.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Terri Rooney or Mona Stolz. Thank you!

30 minute frost delay today
Today there is a 30 minute frost delay so shotgun is at 10:30 AM. It's cold but sunny! There have been some cancellations, but we still have over 20 players. If you are the only one in your group, please contact other groups and/or pro shop to figure out where to play. For example, My group (1A) was down to just me, but I found 2 other ladies (Camilla and Mary) to join me on Hole 1A. I will be at pro shop area by 10:15 to help anyone who may still need help. Thanks, Mona

Change to weekly sign-up process
Our membership has been steadily growing, and as a result, we are now scheduled to play both sides of our course each week (unless we have fewer than 40 players). With this great news, there has been some last minute shuffling of hole assignments to evenly distribute the players on the front and back. This caused a few groups to be reassigned and scrambling to attempt to contact everyone affected.

After some discussion, ideas, and suggestions, our Executive board would like to move forward with a new way of making hole assignments each week. Beginning with the February 2nd sign up sheets, everyone will sign up in the Pro Shop (just like now) but will not sign up for a particular hole. Starting holes will be randomly assigned by our new Golf Genius software. Your hole assignments will be available to see on our website Monday afternoon and will also be shown on the popped cards our Tournament Chair sends out Monday evening. This change will:

1) eliminate last minute changes to hole assignments 2) be less confusing 3) be fair (will randomly assign holes) 4) will best utilize both sides of the course

As a note, inherent in using both sides of the course, sometimes you may be playing the same side of the course two weeks in a row, but our Tournament Chair will ensure that no one plays the same side three times in a row. Each side of the course is its own tournament so you are only competing in the sweeps game with ladies who played the same side of the course as you.

We are implementing this on a trial basis and may need to make some tweaks as we move forward, but we think this is a positive change for our club.

If you have any questions about the new process,please reach out to Terri Rooney or Mona Stolz.

Thank you,

Updating GHIN profile: Action may be requred
Hello ladies, You may have already seen (or will see soon) a message from GHIN when you go to website: www.ghin.com or open your USGA GHIN app on your phone/ipad, etc. asking you to create a digital profile. This requirement is coming from GHIN to “improve data security and golfer privacy”. When you see this message, we are asking you to go to website: www.ghin.com and click on create a profile. You should be asked to provide 2 verifications out of 3 they list (last name, GHIN #, email address). Once provided and verified, you probably will be sent an email with link/info to create profile. Follow the instructions which may involve receiving an email and possibly clicking on link where you will enter a password of your choosing. Once you complete this task, you should then be able to open your USGA GHIN app or go to www.ghin.com and see regular home screen and be able to post your scores, etc. If you have any problems or need assistance, please contact Terri Rooney, our Handicapper, or me, Mona Stolz.

Pitching Wedge Found today, Hole 7
A Taylor-Made Pitching Wedge was found on Hole 7 this morning and was turned in to the Pro Shop.. If you are missing yours, check with the pro shop. Thanks

Sweeps Results
Click on link/pdf to read more info about this week's sweeps calculated.

Pro Shop Gift Cards
The following members have gift cards from the 2020 4th quarter. I would appreciate it if you would make arrangements to pick up your card today or tomorrow.

Please call or text before you come 310-722-0878
23964 Oakmont Way

Archuleta, Denzler, Heaton, Hopkinson, Jacobsen, Jenkins, Kirk, S Lane, Lerski,Marsh, Mennick, S Miller, O'Reilly,Roberts, Rooney, Rosseau, Shelton, Slettedahl, Sorenson, Sulinski, Sullivan, Tran, Tudor, Werner

30 minutes video In/Out Awards Meeting
If you are interested in watching video from today's In/Out Awards Ceremoiny/Swearing In ceremony, please click on link to watch. Note: This is the first zoom meeting we have recorded and are sending out, so once it is posted, I will test out the link and make sure it is working properly. If it is not, I will remove the announcement. If it does work properly, it will be available until the end of January.

LINK to 1/12 8:30 AM ZOOM In/Out Awards Meeting
Hello ladies, Tomorrow (Tuesday, 1/12) is our annual In/Out Awards Meeting via ZOOM. Attached is the link to use to join the meeting that will start promptly at 8:30. If you have any questions, contact Mona (or anyone else you know who is good with online meetings like zoom) to help. If you are unable to join tomorrow, we are planning to record it and have that available later. Hope to see you online!!

Some of you may need Meeting ID and passcode for the ZOOM meeting after you have clicked on the link. Meeting ID: 843 7556 6985 Passcode: 729557 Call In (if needed): (669) 900 9128

4th Quarter Sweeps Winnings Gift Cards
Below is a link to the 2020 4th Qtr Pro Shop Ledger showing 4th quarter winnings. I have 55 cards to give out.

I will stay around the sports lounge on Tuesday after golf if you’d like to pick up your card from me after sweeps. If this doesn’t work for you, please contact me and we can work out a way to meet.

After two years of handling the Pro Shop Credit Ledger, I will be handing the position to Stephanie Tran who will prepare the Quarterly Gift Cards for 2021 Sweeps winners from the Golf Genius winner totals.

Thanks to everyone for your patience and cooperation,

Want to PRACTICE a ZOOM Meeting??
Hello lady niners! Next Tuesday, 1/12 we are having our first ZOOM meeting to announce all individual awards for 2020 and witness the swearing in of our new elected officers for 2021. For anyone who would like to PRACTICE a ZOOM meeting before then, please contact me (Mona Stolz) at rickmostolz@gmail.com, or text or call me at 916-397-7425. I can set up a meeting with you and you can see how it works. We hope to see everyone (no masks required) on ZOOM meeting next week. I will be sending out the official link in the next few days for next Tuesday’s meeting. Thank you, Mona

Zoom In and Out Meeting January 12, 2021, at 8:30 am
Lady Niners,

Happy New Year!

There will be a Zoom In and Out Meeting on January 12th, at 8:30 am. You will be receiving an invitation from Mona Stolz this coming week.

If you have never Zoomed before on your computer, you need to go to the Zoom website and sign up. If you have any issues, please contact Mona, Cassi, Terri or Lauren for assistance.

I look forward to seeing you at our first Zoom meeting next week!

Mary Heaton, Captain

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