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Lady Niner General Meeting, February 12th, at 8:30, sweeps to fol
The Lady Niner General meeting will be at 8:30, tomorrow, Feb. 12th, in the Sport Lounge meeting room, across from the proshop. My co-captain, Janice Lambert will be conducting the meeting for me, since I have been sick with pneumonia, these past several weeks. Sweeps will follow at 10am.

Mary Heaton, captain

January 2019 Pro Shop Ledger Report
The January 2019 Pro Shop Ledger Report is ready for your review. Please click on the link to review. For questions contact Cassi Bassolino

Sweeps are canceled for tomorrow, Februdary 5th, due to inclement weather.

CLARIFICATION on Last Email Notice
Hi All, The last email notice was to make sure that all members have CASSI'S new email address. Your can keep YOUR contact information updated by logging on to the Lady Niner website, select the "Member Login" button and signing in. After you are logged in, click on the "My Profile" button to update your personal information as well as your password. I hope that helps with the confusion!

December 2018 Pro Shop Ledger Report
The December 2018 Pro Shop Ledger Report is ready for your review. Please click on the link to review. Any questions, contact Cassi Bassolino

New Email Address for Cassi Bassolino
Hi all, As you know, Cassi created, maintains and updates the Lady Niner website. She also is the Pro Shop Credit Ledger Manager and the person that posts Tee Assignments and Sweeps Results.

Therefore is it critical that everyone update their contact information for Cassi.

Her NEW email address is cassijoyb@gmail.com (do not use the studiotwentytwo.com address!)

Thank you!

A Message From Janet Trimble
A thousand pardons, Lady Niners, for not having signup sheets ready on the clipboard in the pro shop today. They are there now, so go ahead and sign up to play next Tuesday. Thanks, Jan

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